Interview with Takayoshi Ohmura

We sat down with BABYMETAL Kami member, Takayoshi Ohmura for an interview during his ESP Guitar Clinic held on 2nd July 2016 at Canvas Singapore, The Riverwalk. Check out what he has to say about how he started learning Guitar and more!


  1. Please introduce yourselves to our ROCKSIN readers!
    Dear readers of ROCKSIN, I am Ohmura Takayoshi, a guitarist from Japan
  2. Who is your inspiration for picking up the guitar?

    My dad was the first catalyst. He played an acoustic guitar, and I just thought I really want to play the

    guitar. How do you play that? And it started out with him teaching me how to.


  3. Tell us more about your decision to use the ESP Snapper & your preference forscalloped necks. Some fans would like to know what string gauges you use?

    The snapper is a perfect fit for my body; it’s really suitable for me. The neck, the fret and setup was

    done multiple times, and somehow it ended up as a scalloped. It was a pure coincidence. Not an

    influence. I use a really thin gauge – 009.

  4. How do you feel about the J-Rock scene in Singapore & other countries?

    I’ve never really thought of it.

  5. Many fans would like to know when will Baby Metal & Kami Band will be coming to Singapore for a live show?

    Only the Fox God knows (it’s a secret)img_0320
  6. Any advice for local bands that are starting out?

    What I’ve done so far was to really focus on practice and the communication with others. I think if you focus on these things it will be fine.

  7. Tell us more about your album “Devils in the Dark”?

    Haha, that’s quite some time ago. What I’ve always wanted to do was to gather all the artistes that I

    admired and respected, and to collaborate with them to create my own music. That’s actually all I was

    aiming for when I made that album.


  8. How do you keep your hair and skin complexion so good?By massaging my face, I do it myself. Also, I try to forget my own age.

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