Interview with Frederic

1.Please introduce yourselves to our ROCKSIN readers!

Kenji Mihara: I’m Kenji Mihara, Frederic’s vocalist and guitarist. I’m the older of the twin brothers and I love squid.

Koji Mihara: I’m Koji Mihara, bassist and younger twin brother.

Ryuji Akagashira: I’m the guitarist Ryuji Akagashira, and I’m not related to the two of them.

2.What does your band name mean and who came up with it?

Koji Mihara: We got it from Leo Lionni’s children’s book “Frederick”. The story goes that while all the other mice were gathering food to prepare for winter, Frederick was always deep in thought and never did anything. All the other mice thought that he was lazy, but when the deep of winter came and food ran out, Frederick warmed the hearts of the other mice by telling them stories. In the same way, we hope to warm people’s hearts and spread happiness through our music, so we named ourselves Frederic.

3.Frederic’s Music Videos such as oddloop, Owarase Night & Only Wonder are known for their unique dance moves, who thought of the dance moves? Is there any meaning behind the dance moves?

Kenji Mihara: Smith, the director of the music videos came up with the idea. We’ve worked with him a few times and are really indebted to him. In a regular music video, you’d expect the dancers to have bright or lively expressions while dancing, so being expressionless while dancing in this case creates a dissonance that draws you to the video instead.

4.Who usually composes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

Koji Mihara: Your favourite songs are always the ones that stay with you for a long time. In striving to create such music, the desire to “not be forgotten” has been getting stronger and stronger, and we hope that even after we become old men people can still think back and go “Hey, there used to be a band called Frederic right?” We’re aiming to create music that will make people say that, something people will still listen to ten or even twenty years later.

5.How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Who makes the most mistakes during rehearsals?

Kenji Mihara: I pretend that it’s a new arrangement, since there’s no right or wrong in music. Which also means that nobody makes mistakes (laughs).

Koji Mihara: I pretend that nothing happened. I probably make the most mistakes, because sometimes ideas will pop into my head when I’m playing and I’ll end up focusing on that idea instead and end up making mistakes.

Ryuji Akagashira: I try to laugh it off when I make mistakes during our shows. We all tend to make mistakes during rehearsals, but we add ad libs to that to play around and have fun. That’s how we have fun even with mistakes.

6.Since Kenji & Koji are twin brothers, have any of you ever impersonated each other to commit mischief?

Kenji Mihara: We don’t look alike at all even though we’re twins so we’ve never tried that.

Koji Mihara: We’re fraternal twins and don’t resemble each other at all so even if we tried people would probably be able to tell right away. Maybe we would have if we did look alike.

7.Singapore is known for our large variety of local food, is there any food that you are dying to try?

Ryuji Akagashira: Laksa. Laksa-flavoured cup noodles are really delicious so I’d like to try the real thing.

8.Please leave a message for your fans in Singapore.

Kenji Mihara: We’d be really glad if people could take an interest in Japanese music with its many unique characteristics through our show. The best thing about Frederic is our performances, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to move you with our show more than our music videos, so please do come watch us.

Event Details:

Date: 16 March 2017, Thursday
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: MILLIAN SINGAPORE (3 Sentosa Gateway, #01-05)
Artistes: THE ORAL CIGARETTES, Frederic, Kyuso Nekokami, 04 Limited Sazabys
Tickets: $58-$88 (Early Bird Price: $48-$78)

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