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Eir Aoi (藍井エイル) (27) held her very first solo concert titled “Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 – ROCK THE WORLD!” on 12 January 2016, Saturday at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa. Back in October 2015, the concert was postponed due to the haze situation in Singapore. However, that did nothing to stop fans support for the new concert date, as well as Eir Aoi’s determination to perform in Singapore.

Eir Aoi was discovered via NicoNico Douga (popular Japanese video sharing site) while doing covers. She debuted with “Memoria” in 2011 which makes her a relatively new anisong singer. She has since released 3 albums featuring over 10 songs that were featured in high profile TV animes such as ‘Gundam AGE’ , ‘Kill la Kill’ and ‘Sword Art Online’.

Eir Aoi is no stranger to Singapore, having previously made numerous appearance at AFA (Anime Festival Asia) since 2013.

Eir Aoi Singapore 003

At around 8pm, Eir Aoi took the stage dressed in a simple black top draped with a scarf paired with her signature short pants, which really favors the Singapore weather! “Hi everyone! I’m Eir Aoi, Happy new year!!… Let’s have fun together! Are you ready?” Starting off with the melodious ‘Innocence’, the enthusiastic crowd cheered and chanted along as they held their light sticks in the air. The sea of blue light sticks were no coincidence, it’s due to the fact that “Aoi” translates to “Blue” in English.

Along with DJ Atsushi, Eir Aoi brought the house down with her moving and impactful hits. The 2 hour performance featured some of the greatest numbers since her debut, from ”シンシアの光”,  “Sirius” to “Ignite”. Judging from the roaring cheers “Aurora” was no doubt one of the local fans favorite. During “Ignite”, which was an extremely challenging song – Eir Aoi demonstrated her vocal prowess by aceing through the song effortlessly. Her voice is extremely bright but not piercing which which makes it a real treat to enjoy.
Eir Aoi Singapore 002We love that DJ Atsushi also plays the guitar for some of the songs which added more dynamics into the upbeat numbers. During the Live, Eir Aoi shared some interestingfacts about herself – she loves chicken rice, and that it was in Singapore where she first saw a real peacock in her life. She also shared that having a one-man concert in Singapore has been her dream, and went on to thank the fans for their support. And of course, there was a surprise just for  the Singapore audience, the debut performance of her new song “Shoegazer”, which is composed by Hisashi Guitarist from the fame rock band GLAY. The upbeat rhythm paired with impactful rock guitar, nostalgic melody and powerhouse vocals, made the song one of the highlight of the night.

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Finally, the show ended with one of the fans’ top favorite, the debut single that shot her to stardom, “Memoria”. The fans gave their loudest cheer with a tinge of sadness as Eir Aoi waved goodbye. After the concert, VIP ticket holders get to receive an autographed poster handled to them personally by Eir Aoi herself.  

We really love Eir Aoi’s stunning vocals, and we think she will make an extremely great potential as the next Queen of Anisong.


Check out ROCKSIN’s earlier interview with Eir Aoi here! Special thanks to SOZO for inviting us to cover this event.


Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 -ROCK THE WORLD!- in Singapore Setlist

  1. Innocence
  2. シンシアの光 (CYNTHIA no Hikari)
  3. senkou zenya
  4. Aurora
  5. HaNaZakaRi
  6. kasumi
  7. kuroita
  8. gladius
  9. genesis
  10. 虹の音 (Niji no Oto)
  11. Shoegazer
  12. サンビカ (Sanbika)
  13. Sirius
  14. ラピスラズリ (Lapis Lazuri)
  15. Ignite


  1. Cobalt Sky
  2. Memoria


A brief background of Eir Aoi:

A Japanese pop Anime singer from Hokkaido under SME Records. She debuted with the single “Memoria” in 2011. In November 2015, Aoi made a video announcement that she would be working on the opening theme to Digimon World: Next Order.

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