What we do at ROCKSIN

ROCKSIN is an organiser for music events in Singapore, showcasing local talented bands, singers and dancers.

ROCKSIN also provides event photography coverage and reviews for local concerts/gigs and events. Our main focus is on the Japanese music scene as well as promoting local musicians.
Past Events Organised:

  • J-Rock @ Hood 2013
  • D’J Party 2003 to 2015 (Co-organised with Singapore Street Festival)
  • Project BreakOut! 2008 to 2009 (Co-organised with Project BreakOut Crew!)
  • J-Obsession 2010 to 2015 (Co-organised with Project BreakOut Crew!)
  • Who is Rie fu? Singer Song Writer Workshop & Live 1st February 2015

Past Media Coverage:

  • J-Rock Matters 2013
  • Japan Night in Music Matters 2014
  • Nightmare Over Tokyo 2014
  • Skechers Sundown Festival 2014
  • Anime Festival Asia 2014
  • J-Obsession 2010 to 2015
  • D’J Party 2003 to 2014
  • Koda Kumi Asia Live 2015 (Official Photographer)

Please feel free to contact us if you require event photography coverage for your local gigs & performances or would like to collaborate in organising any events.




The people behind ROCKSIN

Emerson Yang (Founder, Event Producer, Photographer)

Emerson is the one of pioneers of the Local Japanese Music Community since 2001. In 2003, together with the support of Singapore Street Festival, he started D’J Party. D’J Party is an annual event promoting Japanese Pop-Culture, ranging from music, fashion, cosplay, anime and manga. Since 2003, D’J Party has become an annual platform for budding musicians, bands, cosplayers and performers, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and confidence in performing live on stage.

Besides D’J Party, he has also co-organised other events such as Project BreakOut!, J-Obsession & J-Rock @ Hood.


Esther Huang (Co-Founder, Creative Director, Translator)

Esther’s passion in Japanese music has fuelled the partnership leading to the co-founding of ROCKSIN. She is also the creative & technology brain behind ROCKSIN. Versed in Japanese, she works in her free time as a Jap-Eng translator for BCM (Belgium Culture Magazine) featuring J-Music artist and fashion.




6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    This is the admin for Jeremy Teng’s facebook page. I refer to the article at http://www.rocksin.co/crossing-borders-with-music-at-sketchers-sundown-festival-2014/ in particular the line ‘Jeremy was the champion of ‘Nodojima The World Spring 2014’ singing competition held in Japan earlier this year.’ I would like to make a small correction, it should be ‘Nodojiman’ and not ‘Nodojima’.

    Huge thanks for the wonderful pictures taken!

      1. Hi,

        Thanks a lot for the swift action taken! Thank you for the compliments on Jeremy’s singing, really glad you enjoyed his performance, shall pass the message on to him! And again, huge thanks for the amazing pictures taken of Jeremy! 🙂

      2. Sorry, I just noticed 1 more small mistake, if it’s not too much trouble to correct. Jeremy Teng’s first song should be ‘Wo Hao Xiang Ni (我好想你)’ instead of ‘Hao Xiang Ni (好想你)’. Thanks a lot in advance!! 🙂

        1. Hi-again! No trouble at all, we’ve made the change on our website. But note that we got this list from Sundown, so you may also wish to inform them directly. Cheers!

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